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Arthur L. Tan

Arthur Liangfei Tan - A Professional Financial Advisor

Many people believe that estate planning is only reserved for high-profile people or people with large properties and net worth. However, that's a misconception. State planning is a process that helps to set up your Assets and property will be distributed effectively after your death. It doesn't have anything to do with the number of properties or net worth. You can consult Arthur L Tan for wills and estate planning whether it's small or large.

State planning is highly essential for everyone equally, do not come up with an effective state plan for your properties your state will take control of them. The state will take your properties after death to distribute according to its probate laws. If you are disabled the court may take up your asset to use for your care through guardianship or conservatorship.

If you do not have any estate plan; you will lose control over who will be in charge of your properties or assets to distribute among your family members. Doesn't matter your age or amount of wealth, if you want to have a say in your properties or assets and ensure your loved ones have control after your death, planning is your solution. Therefore, it's better to plan for your estate and ensure security for your loved ones. Arthur L Tan, A attorney financial advisor can help find the right solution for an estate plan.

If you are contemplating DIY estate planning or hiring professionals, it's always better to consult a professional financial advisor or attorney like Arthur Liangfei Tan. They understand the estate planning laws and probate laws of the Federal and state.  
If you have properties in Toronto or anywhere in Canada and want to create an effective estate plan, Arthur Liangfei Tan is the best solution. Arthur L Tan from Sun Law firm has been offering estate planning and wills solutions over years.